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DA David Archuleta Weekly Wrap

19 June 2010



DA week that was in the life of David Archuleta

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Keeping up with the über-talented, awe-inspiring, world-travelling David Archuleta can be a full-time job. Even the most (D)avid fans among us don’t always have time to follow David. Here are some of last week’s top stories about the awesome David Archuleta.

Media Headlines

News, Reviews, and Interviews

BYU-Idaho Interviews David Archuleta.
14 June 2010

David Archuleta is coming to REXBURG!!!! check out the phone interview we scored with him!! Part 1 is available now! Connect with I~NEWS

View the video on BYU INews.

BYU performance scheduled
15 June 2010

David Archuleta sings this Saturday night, 19 June at 7:30 p.m. in the Hart Auditorium at Brigham Young University-Idaho. It is $35 for a ticket.

Idaho Radio Station Interview with David Archuleta
by misscarleejune
16 June 2010
Length: 7:45 minutes

BYU Idaho Phone Interview with David Archuleta
by Krystin Pipkin, at Hart Auditorium, Brigham Young University-Idaho
14 June 2010

YouTube videos posted by NannyTaq
also available on BYU I-Comm’s Facebook
16 June 2010

BYU Idaho phone interview in four parts

Part 1: about his book Chords of Strength
Part 2: about Idaho fans and their support
Part 3: about music and religious influence
Part 4: about interesting experiences with fans

Thanks to NannyTaq

Part 5: about the future

Thanks to Archiedorable, posted 19 June 2010

David Archuleta’s “soul searching” interview in Idaho
by Steven Pope
KIDK Channel 3, Eye Witness News in Idaho Falls, Idaho
18 June 2010

19-year-old David Archuleta explains his new book, and how he has dealt with overnight fame. David sings a little of Michael Jackson’s, “I’ll be There.”

Watch on YouTube: KIDK Interviews David

SOURCE: heitah on YouTube
Length: 1:46

Thousands of fans at Rexburg Book-signing
by Tony Potter, Rexburg Standard Journal, Rexburg, Idaho
18 June 2010

If you thought David Archuleta could only pack a concert hall, you should have been at Deseret Book Thursday evening. Fans swarmed to get their copies of Archuleta’s book “Chords of Strength” signed, in what was the largest crowd the store has ever seen….

Read more: Rexburg Standard Journal

David’s World

Blogs, Tweets, Appearances

Blogs and Vlogs

YOU Create David Archuleta’s New Deluxe Edition Package!
2 June 2010

…David is recording a brand new album as we speak. There is no set release date yet, BUT David is already cooking up ideas to create a special fan package! What better place to find ideas for a fan package than from his fans! So he wants to hear what YOU, the fans, want in this potential special fan package to be available only here on DavidArchuleta.com….

Choose your deluxe edition item: David Archuleta Deluxe Edition Package

DA Official Blog
12 June 2010

David posted a blog on Facebook. Here’s an excerpt; you can read the rest on his Facebook website and send a comment.

music blog graphic for David Archuleta's blogs“Hey all! Just thought I’d give an update with what’s been going on lately. Since the book is now out, I’ve been doing book signings! The ones in New York and New Jersey were awesome! I also got to do one in Minnesota at the Mall of America and ride some of the indoor rides they have in the mall. Pretty fun stuff! I then got to go back home for a couple of Utah book signings. The first one was in Salt Lake City, and the second one was in Orem. They were both great! It was fun being surprised by people I knew coming by and seeing them in line haha. It’s been so neat getting to see everyone after such a long time being under a rock recording and writing. Thanks so much to all of you who have been coming out to the signings!….”

Join the Official David Archuleta Website and sign up to receive newsletter updates of his appearances, music, photos, blogs, and more.

Major David News!
from David’s MySpace
18 June 2010

Teaser alert!

Category: Music
ATTENTION: MAJOR David news coming next week! Stay tuned!

Read more: Alert on David’s MySpace

Appearances – Recent & Future

David Archuleta will sing on the Fourth of July!
A Capitol Fourth, PBS-TV, live telecast in Washington, D.C.
18 June 2010

David Archuleta will join singers Reba McEntire, Darius Rucker, and John Schneider on July 4th at the 30th anniversary of A Capitol Fourth, to be aired live on PBS July 4, 8/7c, from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol. This is America’s 234th birthday!

More information: PBS Pressroom: A Capitol Fourth

Concert Tonight!
Brigham Young University-Idaho Hart Auditorium
19 June 2010

Archuleta can next be seen at the Brigham Young University-Idaho Hart Auditorium tonight in concert. Part of BYU-Idaho’s Spirit Week activities, the show may have a surprise or two for the fans. Archuleta wouldn’t give anything away.

Tickets are $35 for the general public and $20 for BYU-Idaho students and employees. Tickets can be purchased at the BYU-Idaho Ticket Office by calling 208.496.2230, or online at www.byui.edu/tickets.

Chords of Strength Book Signing Tour

enlargeDavid Archuleta's first copy of his book, Chords of Strength, 30 April 2010Penguin Books has posted a YouTube video (see below) of David Archuleta walking us through the 4-color printing process. What fun to see David at the computer, discussing magenta, cyan, vermillion, and black,…! Chords of Strength will be available online and in bookstores on 1 June 2010. You can pre-order your copy for $11.69 today on Amazon.com. On Barnes and Noble, David’s memoir is currently at number 9 in the Top 100 books.

David Archuleta at the printing of his new book Chords of Strength.

Source: PenguinGroupUSA

enlargeChords of Strength by David Archuleta, book coverBook tour dates
David will perform one song!

Book tour dates:
  1 June – Bookends, Ridgewood, NJ
  2 June – Borders, Manhattan, NY
  3 June – Barnes & Noble, Smith Haven Mall, Lake Grove, NY
  5 June – Barnes & Noble, Mall of America, Bloomington, MN
  7 June – Deseret Books, Salt Lake City, UT
  8 June – Deseret Books, Orem, UT
17 June – Deseret Books, Rexburg, ID

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Follow David Archuleta on Twitter. He has more than 393,000 followers, but who’s counting? —I am!!! During the past ten weeks, David has averaged 3,800 new followers each week.


Blogs, Stories, Charities


Project Bearing Kindness: deadline is tomorrow!

enlargeAngel Bear Group of 6 white bearsProject Bearing Kindness has teamed up with Rising Star Outreach to raise money for the Rising Star schools in India. With a $12 donation, your name will be added to a beautiful Angel Bear which will be given to a deserving child at the dedication on 10 July of the new Rising Star school. And you’ll receive a complimentary “David Inspires Us” bumper sticker.

Read more about how you can help the children of India.

Archuleta sisters browse bookstore.

Salt Lake City Deseret Bookstore, 7 June 2010

I just caught this one! David’s sisters Claudia and Amber are milling about behind him while he signs books and chats with fans. At one point David is talking and listening to everyone at once! He says to the bookstore employee in the white shirt, “That’s my sister,” while responding to a fan about ordering the salad with “extra lettuce.”

The fan from Toronto tells David, “Snow Angels with a zed—zee.”

Claudia is wearing the white and yellow halter top and Amber is in a green shirt.

Thanks to pattycake04.

Did you miss last week’s Weekly Wrap? If you’ve fallen far behind, you should seriously search the Archhives! It’s not too late to reclaim your status as a David Archuleta fanatic fan!

DA Weekly Buzz about David Archuleta!

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