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4 October 2009




pikepss Weekly on David Archuleta

Alert! Alert! Alert! Grammy submissions galore, ok they are not nominations yet but I am very excited! I will now come down from the ceiling and compose myself. David’s name is synonymous with Grammy and I will be on pins and needles awaiting the nomination announcements. So until then I hope all of you Honeybees have been busy commenting on blogs, voting and strategizing our next move to get David on more TV shows and get him more exposure before his album release and those Grammy nominations.

This past week David has been invited on stage to sing with friends, endured dental extractions of wisdom teeth, attended charity events, and scheduled a Christmas concert in Chicago (still waiting for more to come in). His Christmas album pre-order is at number #1 with only 9 more days before its release. Twitters about his stretchy (chipmunk) cheeks, lightning, rain and snow, and more. And this was his downtime!

The cornucopia of fall is upon us and I picture David carving pumpkins, bobbing for apples, helping his sisters decorate for Halloween and planning good times with friends and family. But alas, he will probably be getting ready or already on his way to perform many of the concerts to be scheduled. These last few weeks with David at home must have been a special time for him. Jogging with his mother, spending time with friends and attending events he enjoys. Within a few days he will probably be promoting his Christmas From The Heart album and getting back to his hectic schedule of touring. As much as I am anxious for his next concert, I also pause for a moment and reflect on his schedule last year 2008. He wasn’t home for Thanksgiving and had little time to celebrate his birthday, but the rising star he is will handle it with poise and grace! An exciting time awaits us!!

Have a great week everyone!!


News, Reviews and Interviews

1 October

Lots of Grammy submissions!!! These are just submissions, not actual nominations. Wow! Our David is really being acknowledged. With all of these, let’s hope there will be a Grammy or two for him!!!

Category 1 – Record of the Year (721 entries)
“A Little Too Not Over You” – David Archuleta

Category 2 – Album of the Year (565 entries)
David Archuleta – David Archuleta

Category 3 – Song of the Year (730 entries)
Awarded to the songwriters – only Idols on the credits are listed, and Idols credited with writing other songs are also listed
“A Little Too Not Over You” (David Archuleta) – David Archuleta, et al.

Category 4 : Best New Artist (360 entries)
David Archuleta

Category 6 – Best Male Pop Vocal Performance (123 entries)
David Archuleta- “A Little Too Not Over You”

Category 11 – Best Pop Vocal Album (220 entries)
David Archuleta: David Archuleta

Category 108 – Best Short Form Music Video
David Archuleta – “A Little Too Not Over You”

About.com: TOP 40/Pop – by Bill Lamb

Top 10 New Pop Christmas Albums 2009

Each year many new albums of Christmas music are released. This year’s releases range from a collection from an American Idol to albums by legendary singer-songwriters. These are the 10 most eagerly awaited new pop Christmas albums for 2009.

1. David Archuleta – Christmas From the Heart
Courtesy Jive Records David Archuleta’s second studio album is a Christmas collection. His warm, inviting voice would seem a perfect match for holiday music. The album includes a duet with Charice and a new Christmas song “Melodies of Christmas” written by David, his father Jeff Archuleta and two other songwriters.

In stores October 13, 2009.
(Wow! Congratulations David on being number #1 -)


Idol Alum Reunion

26 September

Last night David Archuleta surprised the crowd at the Brooke White/Michael Johns concert in Salt Lake City, joining them onstage in a performance of “Let it Be.” He was well rested, buffed and very healthy looking. Constantly smiling and obviously having a good time with his AI alum friends. When David took the stage the screams were deafening. But David did not out-stage his friends at their concert; as a matter of fact, they had to go get him from off stage to do a second number, “Proud Mary.” Everyone loved David’s soulful sound—he was amazing as usual.

28 September

David Archuleta—on the spur of the moment after calling for directions—decided with Kendra to surprise the crowd with “To Be With You”! Lovely as usual. Kendra was performing in Provo, Utah, on Monday night at the Covey Theater.

30 September


WAITING FOR THE FINAL CONFIRMATION! Yes! You read that right! DAVID ARCHULETA! DAVID ARCHULETA! Gaaaah! The scheduled concert of Katy Perry, Boys Like Girls to open for her, has been changed to the 14th of November, 2009! Yup! And guess what?!?! DAVID ARCHULETA, along with Katy Perry, will have a concert for the benefit of the Ondoy victims. Proceeds will go to Red Cross. Yes. David Archuleta! Our David Archuleta!

Here’s the catch, it’s still in the planning stage. LOL. Let’s wait for the final confirmation.

1 October

Waukegan, Illinois – December 11, 2009
Genesee Theatre – Capacity 2400
Tickets on sale – October l6th


DavidArchie & Friends

28 September

DavidArchie – Why must the mornings be so cold???

DavidArchie – At the dentist. Woo hoo haha. Let’s see if my wisdom teeth are ready to come out yet.

DavidArchie – I’m tweeting while I’m getting my teeth cleaned….haha.

DavidArchie – The hygienist said “you have nice stretchy cheeks.” Thanks I guess lol.

(I would say he just has nice cheeks!!!!! haha)

DavidArchie – – So I might be getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. It’s the only time I’ve FINALLY been able to get them out!

DavidArchie – My keyboardist, Kendra Lowe, has a concert at the Covey Center for the Arts in Provo tonight at 7 for all you Utahns! Come support!

DavidArchie – Just went on a midday run! Having a mom-made smoothie! But this farmer tan that’s sneaking up is not cool! I even put sun block!

Daniel Bedingfeld – Writing for/with @DavidArchie with @ KinFEnnia in November – they are two of the coolest and most talented people I’ve ever worked with

29 September

DavidArchie – Made a surprise guest appearance at Kendra’s concert playing To Be With You! We haven’t played it or practiced it since tour lol.

DavidArchie- My little sister is obsessed with the song “Watcha Say”.

DavidArchie – Today’s the day….Dun dun dun…Getting the wisdom teeth out later.

DavidArchie – Finished a nice run. And I got some good sun block!

DavidArchie – So everyone says all you can eat is ice cream, but dairy and cold isn’t the greatest combination for me haha.

DavidArchie – new video! Check it out here – http//tinyurl.com/y93jzb3.

DavidArchie – http://twitpic.com/jn07a – IMG00041-20090929-1437.jpg

DavidArchie – 1 down 3 to go.

DavidArchie – Wow..Those 2 bottom teeth were rough lol. They’re all out now though! Hallelujah!

DavidArchie – Props to Jaci and Lauren for being great dental assistants haha.

DavidArchie – My bottom lip isn’t working! I can’t feel the lower half of my face.

DavidArchie – I can’t fall asleep, and I look like a chipmunk. But there’s a cool lightning storm going on outside.

(The minute I saw this Cartoon by Andrew, I thought it so identifies with David Archuleta, so cute and vulnerable at the same time.)

My stretchy cheeks hurt!

My strechy cheeks hurt!

DavidArchie – A nice rainy day today and I look like a chipmunk.

DavidArchie – it’s snowing ??? Already?? How? Lol.

DavidArchie – Man the mountains are beautiful with snow on them. I’m glad it’s not sticking down in the valley yet through haha.

DavidArchie – Checkup time at dentist.

1 October

DavidArchie – Is that really me? Am I really that round and puffy? Weeeird lol.

DavidArchie – It’s strange gulping down cold food, but for now it feels really good!

DavidArchie – My mom said my face looks like Popeye the Sailor Man’s. Too bad she can’t say the same about his muscles haha.

DavidArchie – At a reception for Rising Star Outreach. Covering my cheeks so I can come support, yet not distract. lol

DavidArchie – Seeing a lot of good being done with @rising starout and proud to help out however I can for those people in india.

DavidArchie – Feels great just jamming out with buds! It’s like a musical freedom of speech…if that makies sense. Haha.

2 October

DavidArchie – Just did the P90xx x Stretch. Can’t exercise a whole lot right now but stretching feels so good!

DavidArchie – My sisters have birthdays tomorrow and a week from tomorrow, but my little sister is celebrating with all her friends today. Uh oh lol.

DavidArchie – Taking my older sister out to lunch for an early birthday celebration:)

DavidArchie – At the Howie Day and Colbie Caillat concert. Howie was great, Colbie is going on right now.

DavidArchie – “The little things you do to me, are, taking me over. I wanna show you” Colbie’s awesome haha.

Google Alerts

fashion, book, holiday album

29 September

Shopping: Renowned Designer Sets Up Shop in SLC
Even with national recognition (he’s clothed stars like American Idol alum David Archuleta), Utah designer Danny Nappi is staying true to his local following by planting roots in the Beehive State. On Sept. 26, he celebrated the opening of his first all-Nappi store, which occupies a 2,000 square foot stand alone building at 2105 S Main St. in Salt Lake City.

In addition to his popular tees, tanks, dresses and jeans, the new spot also houses Nappi’s personal design studio, as well as a manufacturing plant. (Maybe we will see David in some of his new designs, Woot! Woot!)

“David Archuleta” Book – TatePublishing

For $23.13 on Amazon.com you can get this awesome book called “David Archuleta” by Elizabeth Scholl. The book talks about David’s love for singing and his family convincing him at the age of 16 to leave his summer job and audition for the American Idol television show. David’s appearance on American Idol would change his life forever – from gaining a strong following of fans, releasing an album, and going on tour! David has even made special guest appearances on television show like “Hannah Montana” and “iCarly.” The author, Elizabeth, is known for writing books and magazine articles for children and young adults. And from the looks of it she is an Archulover for sure!

(I purchased the book several months ago and it’s a lovely book for young preteen ladies and not so bad for us older ladies as well.)

30 September

NeonLimelight – Album Review: David Archuleta – Christmas From The Heart

Halloween hasn’t even arrived yet, but already we’re thinking about Christmas time thanks to David Archuleta and the smooth sounds of his first Christmas album, Christmas From The Heart.

The set will be released on October 13, and due to the awesomeness of the internet, fans can preview the album right now — if only in 30-second clips.

The holiday season is sure to be sweeter than those sugar cookies you’ll steal from Santa’s plate when you’re listening to David’s spin on classics like “Silent Night,” “Joy To The World,” and “The First Noel.” There’s even a soul-stirring duet of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” between David and Charice Pempengco, the 17-year-old powerhouse vocalist from the Philippines who won the world over when she went from YouTube sensation to making Oprah cry with her talent. A new classic will be born with “Melodies of Christmas,” a heart-warming song co-written by David and his father, Jeff Archuleta.

Pick your favorites by listening to the clips above and pre-order the album on Amazon.com.

(Rumor says – “What Child Is This?” will blow you away. At time of recording, the sound man said he never heard anything like it. David was asked to sing it again—one of those special moments.)


blogs, vids, VIPs

29 September

Crush Ringtone
By Free Poster

The Crush Ringtone by David Archuleta has quickly become one of the most popular ringtones in the world. It has peaked at #1 on several popular mobile charts and is currently #2 on the US iTunes Top Songs Chart. Based on its popularity, the ringtone might soon become one of the most popular mobile phone ringtones ever released!

“Crush” is the debut single by David Archuleta, American Idol seventh season runner-up. The track was written by Jess Cates, Dave Hodges, and Emanuel Kiriakou. A digital download of the song became available on August 12, 2008. After just one day of airplay, “Crush” was able to debut at #93 on the Billboard Pop 100 and #57 on Pop 100 Airplay. The song is also currently one of the most added tracks at Mainstream CHR radio stations. Following the song’s digital release at the U.S. iTunes store on August 12, 2008, the song rose to the #1 spot on iTunes in less than 24 hours. “Crush” debuted on the Canadian iTunes store at #2 and is expected to debut on the Billboard Hot 100 next week.

The popularity of the song has helped make it such a popular phone ringtone. The track has also topped Canadian and Australian music charts, making the ringtone very popular in those nations as well as in the United States.

There is no doubt that David Archuleta’s incredible new hit single will end up being one of the most popular ringtones of 2008. If you’re looking for a hot new ringtone for your mobile phone – the “Crush” Ringtone is an awesome choice!

* * * * *
30 September

DEGY Booking International 2009-2010 Concert Avails Sheet

David Archuleta – 40,000 +

Here is an opportunity for some of us die-hard fans! Let’s all get together and book David Archuleta to a private acoustic performance. All we would need would be about 100 or so fans willing to donate $400 to $500 per person and we could have our own concert. After the expenses, David and venue, the rest could be donated to David’s favorite charity. If needed we could invite more than 100 to cover costs. How about it fans? I would certainly pay that amount if I could get a close-up private performance. How could you not want to see David in such a intimate setting!!

3 October

Allen, David Cook and David Archuleta Featured in the New Tweet Beat
Published on October 2, 2009 in American Idol, David Archuleta and David Cook. 30 Comments

(This was just too funny to pass up, so I posted comments for your enjoyment) 

Jim Cantiello of MTV just posted a brand-spanking new Tweet Beat featuring the saga of David Archuleta’s recent oral surgery, and the fascinating exchange between Idol winners Kris Allen and David Cook discussing the all-important issue of ICE SHIFTING!

Plus, Jim pokes fun at his Idol obsession. Good stuff.


October 2, 2009 at 11:22 pm

October 2, 2009 at 11:25 pm

Jim asked on Twitter if we could retweet so he could keep the show going. So I did. Of course.

October 2, 2009 at 11:28 pm
David Archuleta’s tweets are certainly funny, and totally random. And I love the Mad Men clip. Great job, Jim!

October 2, 2009 at 11:35 pm
Only David Archuleta would share his wisdom teeth extraction with his fans. He is so funny…but I hope he isn’t in too much pain. Love you David and hope you are feeling better.

October 2, 2009 at 11:37 pm
The “ice shift” was one of the funniest twitter sessions ever. Jim left out the comments by various anonymous tweeters. Before Kris explained what an ice shift was, someone asked Kris if he was traveling to London via the Titanic.

October 2, 2009 at 11:47 pm
suebrody, yet another reason I wish I were on twitter. Don’t stop Jim Cantiello’s Tweet Beat!!!

He is so funny!! Love the Krim tatoo and the head explosion!!!

October 2, 2009 at 11:47 pm
I love David Archuleta’s randomness and dry wit and David Cook’s quick wit and sarcasm.

My favorite tweet of the whole dental saga was one Jim missed (surely due to production deadlines) from last night.

My mom said my face looks like Popeye the Sailor Man’s. Too bad she can’t say the same about his muscles haha.

TrudyFOD – Though I sympathize (I had mine out when I was a couple of years older than him so I know what he’s going through), I’m sure he’s fine – he managed to attend a charity reception last night despite “Covering my cheeks so I can come support, yet not distract”, “jamming out with my friends” afterward, and is at the Colbie Caillat concert tonight. Nice to be young and resilient.

October 2, 2009 at 11:50 pm
Cookcricket – “He is so funny!! Love the Krim tatoo and the head explosion!!!”

Though the thought was funny I could have done without the visuals of the head explosion. LOL! Blech!

October 3, 2009 at 12:01 am
LOL Jim, and his little Krim tattoo.

Eee, the Kris/David twitter convo! That made me irrationally happy

October 3, 2009 at 12:06 am
hahaha! this was great. Thanks for posting.

October 3, 2009 at 12:16 am
hahahahaha… Jim is a funny dude!! love the KRIM tattoo with the heart… didn’t Kris told him last interview tha ‘close is betta!’
David A. is very cute!

October 3, 2009 at 12:19 am
oh and I just saw D. Cook’s show tonight in Montreal! That was VERY good and the audience was sooo great and enthusiastic! I think he’ll remember Montreal

October 3, 2009 at 12:22 am
^^^ Glad you had a good time! I’ve been hearing it was an awesome show tonight.

October 3, 2009 at 12:47 am
Where was the show in Montreal? (I went to McGill. I miss it there.)

Oh–really funny tweet beat.

October 3, 2009 at 1:05 am
Haha, that was great

Mtlfan, glad you had fun!

October 3, 2009 at 1:19 am
Suzanne, the show was at the Metropolis. It has a standing up capacity of 2,350 seat and the place was pretty packed.

Yes tierbee and JRB5776, I had FUN!!! I didn’t know much of his songs since I followed rather loosely the show last year and even though I liked him on what I saw on the show, I didn’t follow him up afterward. I’ll get some of his music on my ipod – i bought ‘Permanent’ already but it was more to contribute to his charity. I liked very much what he sung tonight. Someone in the audience asked him when his new album would come out and he said that they had 2 songs but they were not yet finished so they were not going to perform them.

October 3, 2009 at 1:29 am
just saw your post JRB5776, yes it was GREAT as I mentioned above!!thanks!

October 3, 2009 at 1:33 am
snort….so funny

Mtlfan…i hope you got my humour…i love kris:}

October 3, 2009 at 1:36 am
Not gonna lie, I love Krim.

October 3, 2009 at 1:51 am
LOL jts323…. you caught me already once.. I know this side of you now

October 3, 2009 at 1:53 am
That was hilarious!

October 3, 2009 at 7:28 am
That is hilarious. They should also do Allison and her friends threatening to beat each other up (less subtle humor I guess). The saga about leaving Andy Skib at the border per Ryan Starr is hilarious, however neither of them are a-list celebrities so probably not feasible.

Twitter gives many laughs every day, this is a great idea for a show. Hope it continues, there’s so much material out there, just with the Idols alone. How about Chris Daughtry recently upset because someone said he didn’t leave a large enough tip for takeout? I hope this is a continuing show.

I love how the guy acts out the voices. Notice they gave David Cook a low deep voice, lol.

October 3, 2009 at 9:02 am
That was funny, Archie cracks me up and the thing at the end when Jim exploded because Kris and David were talking to each other was hysterical. LOL

October 3, 2009 at 9:20 am
Hahaha! Love ya to death, Archie, and all of your tweets…but the twitpic was a bit TMI for me. That must be a guy thing. It reminds me of when my cousins and pastor go hunting, and have to show off pictures of their kill, although they know I can’t stand it.

I love Kris’s tweet about the ice shift, too: “Seriously, God…why?” He’s a cutie. That’s cool that Cook tweeted back.

And…”I know something else you shouldn’t do on dates, Chris Brown….” Mmm-hmmm.

October 3, 2009 at 9:31 am
Best Archie tweet throughout his dental dilemma was: “The nurse said I had stretchy cheeks…umm, thank you?”

These dudes are all funny, but in different ways, and for that I heart them. I don’t like to watch anybody sitting in a dentist’s chair however. My daughter had her’s out 2 weeks ago (2 impacted and 2 through). She didn’t swell and moved into college the next day. I think she was one of the lucky ones…

Jim Cantiello is hilarious.

October 3, 2009 at 10:13 am
I always like how Kris’s and Archie’s tweets are always so cute and random. And Cook giving advice to Kris like a big brother is just so precious. I heart the Kravids!!!

October 3, 2009 at 10:24 am
I liked Cantiello’s video show — like his humor. I’d already seen most of the twitters and enjoyed the Kris Allen/David Cook exchange, which was funnier because I have a problem with ice shifts, myself. My problem with the twitpic of David Archuleta in the dentists chair? Who looks good in a dentist’s chair, David? Really!

October 3, 2009 at 10:38 am

Any chance of putting the photo of David Archuleta’s mouth below the fold? I don’t wanna click on MJ’s bigblog and hurl all over the keyboard.

October 3, 2009 at 10:50 am

October 3, 2009 at 10:57 am
Ahh I love Jim!

All these guys are awesome! Gingerly, the stretchy cheeks comment was hilarious. Some of the stuff these guys tweet is awesome!

Human Interest

Rising Star Outreach

30 September

Snarky Archies – Running for the Stars

Rising Star Outreach of India is sponsoring a 5k Fun Run/Walk & Breakfast to raise funds & awareness about leprosy patients & their families in India.

“Rising Star Outreach of India: Running for the Stars!”

Saturday, October 10th at 8:30 a.m.
Timpanogos Park, Provo Canyon
HWY 189
Provo, Utah

8:30 AM- Runner Check in
9:30 AM – Run Begins
10:15 AM – Breakfast begins
10:45 AM – Special Guest Speakers Padma Venkataraman, recipient of the Humanitarian of the Year Award from Mentors Enterprise, & Becky Douglas, founder of Rising Star Outreach.

$10 entrance fee – includes breakfast
$5 just for breakfast

pikepss’ Pick of the Week

Wisdom teeth

Could this be any sweeter?  He was nervous and really needed everyone’s support!  David is the only person I know that can go to the dentist and break everyone’s hearts!  He’s a talented young man but when it comes to the dentist, I guess we are all still kids!   Cute stretchy cheeks and all!  As you read his tweets after the surgery…he can’t feel his lower face!   Poor baby…Love the fact that he can be confident enough to let us know he is not sure about this whole wisdom extraction experience.  Don’t worry David, we’re all with you!!!!

Did you miss last week’s Buzz Wrap?

DA Weekly Buzz about David Archuleta!

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  • robin711 | 1 | 4th October 2009 at 7:45 pm |

    As always, great recap Pam! I had a busy week but David’s dental extraction and quick recovery tweets made my week.

  • minja | 2 | 5th October 2009 at 7:48 pm |

    Ah, thanks, Pam. I love all these juicy tidbits nicely collected in one place! Gosh, it’s a big job keeping up with David, isn’t it!? But lots of fun too.

  • Provo dentist (unregistered) | 20th October 2009 at 6:15 pm |

    Im a cry baby too when I know that I have a dentist appointment, oh, no, I just can’t help but to be so nervous and find ways to cancel that appointment but still can’t(LOL).And now Im thinking that I need to see my ortho to let her check if she can advise me to wear braces for my teeth to be back in shape.