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Where’s David? Nooo!!! Season 8! Where’s Season 7?

20 January 2010



David Archuleta and the rest of the gang from Season 7 should have a group CD out, not this one!

American Idol Season 8 CD cover

What the heck is this CD??  I have been waiting for something to come out for Season 7 for ages and this is what they give us!!  Oh no, American Idol has lost it!  Only $5.00 (although it is only 5 songs – 5 too many for me).  If they had put something out for Season 7 they could have charged a great deal more!  Now if I have missed something please let me know.  Didn’t Season 7 sellout more of their tour than any other season? So why this one? Ok, I will try to calm down and find my way back to Walmart to return this one, haha I only wanted it so I could take a picture!

Song titles, Renegade, Whole Lotta Love, Aint No Sunshine, What Hurts the Most and Slow Ride.  

It will be a fast ride for me back to Walmart and it won’t hurt a bit!!!!!

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  • minja | 1 | 20th January 2010 at 1:27 pm |

    Stunning failure! I don’t think I’ll ever understand American Idol. Any advertising/marketing nincompoop could have told them to get a Season 7 CD out fast. Throughout the AI summer 2008 tour, I kept looking for a DVD/CD of the show. Whatz up!?