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Here's the BUZZ from May 2010

Memorial Day Tribute

31 May 2010
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Today David Archuleta wrote on Twitter, “On this memorial day it’s so important to remember all of the brave men and women who gave their lives because they believed in life, liberty, and all the amazing freedoms we all have in this great country that we live in today. I hope we can all pause […]

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David Archuleta Songs of the Week

31 May 2010
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SongsFor the Memorial Day holiday, I have decided to showcase three songs this week! They are all very patriotic and the perfect way to celebrate this country and those who have served. Of course in my humble opinion, David Archuleta’s renditions of these songs are truly beautiful and full of so much heartfelt emotion. I […]

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DA David Archuleta Weekly Buzz

29 May 2010
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DA week that was in the life of David Archuleta Media   David’s World   Fandom Follow links above to the relevant sections below. Keeping up with the über-talented, awe-inspiring, world-travelling David Archuleta can be a full-time job. Even the most (D)avid fans among us don’t always have time to follow David. Here are some of last week’s top […]

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David Archuleta Photo of the Week

28 May 2010
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Red Carpet FamilyDavid Archuleta has a very close-knit family, as we all know. At the grand finale of this season’s American Idol, we saw David surrounded by another family. His TV family, a family of musicians who were all contestants on the show since its beginning in 2002. They came together on Wednesday night to […]


DA Buzzing’s Chords of Strength Test

26 May 2010
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In less than a week, we will have David Archuleta’s memoir in our hands. We’ve been waiting for several months to read it. But before we even crack open the book, we already know a lot about Chords of Strength. See how well you do in this first quiz. There will be more quizzes after […]

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