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2008-12-02 03:48:11

What's the Buzz about minjabee?

Founded DA Buzzing.org in mid-September 2008

DA Buzzing.org began on WordPress.com, but I soon found the limitations of not hosting a blog yourself, so on November 1, 2008, I moved to WP.org. The blog uses the Cutline theme developed by Pearson, with many customizations by me. In early 2009 I commissioned Ron Oden, a Tahoe artist, to create the Honeybee logo and new banners. He also designed the "Make Mine an Archulatte" concept. His artwork is used in the merchandise which used to be available at Zazzle.com.

minja: an acronym for my name, Minna Jane.

Because it rhymes with 'ninja', it's another way of saying "Determined Protector" which is what "Minna" means. And that's what I am for David Archuleta! And what is he to me? My inspiration. His voice touches my heart and soul. He may be a teen sensation, but David Archuleta is my "spiritual heartthrob". Innovative and inspiring, his music soars. He is a musical virtuoso for the 21st century. I'm a David Archuleta Fan for Life! haha

I will admit that I have O.D.D. which stands for "Obsessive David Disorder". However, I think of him as simply "Our Dear David".

Isn't it difficult -- even impossible -- to choose favorites among David's repertoire? Tomorrow my list will be different, but here are some of my favorite songs.

Top 3 Favorite New Songs:

  • A Little Too Not Over You
  • Don't Let Go

Top 3 Favorite Newer Songs:

  • Zero Gravity
  • Works for Me
  • Somebody Out There

Top 3 Favorite AI Songs:

  • Imagine
  • Think of Me
  • When You Believe

Top 3 Favorite Songs David sang as a Child:

  • God Bless America
  • Nature Boy
  • Don't Tell Me

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