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‘America’s Got Talent’: Who’s Calling the Shots? – Inside TV Blog

2 September 2009



Thumbs up to the young dancer Arcadian Broad on America’s Got Talent! Last night he told the truth. He pulled open the curtain to reveal the ‘wizards’ behind these so-called reality TV shows. It is not a surprise that TV producers call the shots—it’s their show, afterall, and they must answer to their corporate owners and sponsors. My objection to this kind of television is that they claim something different. The shows are marketed to the public as if they were exercises in participatory democracy where everyone gets an equal vote. We the public are never given the exact vote count; we rarely see behind-the-scenes footage; scapegoats are used to cover up any production mistakes.

The issue of how big a role producers play in the outcome of reality competitions is one that has plagued many, most notably ‘American Idol.’ In the past, ‘Idol’ producers have been accused of using a number of manipulative tactics to influence results (among them the “pimp slot,” the night’s final performance, where popular contestants like David Archuleta and Adam Lambert are often featured).

source:‘America’s Got Talent’: Who’s Calling the Shots? Inside TV Blog.

Broad may very well have taken himself out of the competition by his forthrightness, but in my opinion, he’ll be a true winner in the long run. He may prove himself to be like his dancing—freestyle, wild and loose.

During ‘Idol’ season 7, I secretly hoped that David Archuleta would speak up about the show’s shenanigans, but in my heart I knew he never would. He’s not that kind of guy. Perhaps he explains himself very well in his song “Works for Me.”

I can’t forget the things you said
Your words keep runnin’ through my head
And I know you’re just trying to help me out
Thanks, but I’ll follow my heart instead

Am I gonna stay? Oh, no
Am I gonna leave? I don’t think so
I can’t decide between the left side or the right
Maybe it’s a big mistake
But baby, that’s a chance that I’ll take, oh yeah

But as we all know, it’s working out just fine!

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