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Anonymous Hacker Group Attacks BMI Website

9 March 2011



Anonymous Hackers in face masksAccording to Rolling Stone and Billboard, the hacker collective Anonymous has attacked the website of copyright collection agency BMI as part of Operation Payback, their ongoing crusade against “copywrong.” BMI have temporarily taken their website offline in response to the group’s denial of service attack, and have issued a statement noting that the hackers were not able to breach their security and that it will resume its services to artists, publishers and licensees shortly. The music licensing agency is the latest target in the hacker group’s war against copyright.

via Rolling Stone Music and Billboard.biz.

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  • Katheryn | 1 | 9th March 2011 at 7:36 pm |

    Hackers are criminals and thieves. Period. How would they like it if someone went to their place of employment, stole whatever product or service they were providing, and also took the proceeds resulting from the sale of such product or service? Something tells me they’d call the police and complain that they had been robbed. Hypocrites.

    The music industry is shriveling in large part because of the efforts of these criminals and the other lesser petty thieves who are all too happy to steal what they should be paying for.