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if David Archuleta sings the Pinkberry Song

9 May 2010



enlargeDavid Archuleta enjoys Pinkberry mango yogurtThis Mother’s Day I want a Pinkberry for dessert. Yesterday David Archuleta enjoyed his first Pinkberry: he chose mango. For after-dinner entertainment, I’d like to hear David sing the Pinkberry song!

The Pinkberry jingle heard on its Web site is sung by the ’80s musician Tigra, from L’Trimm. Can you imagine what David Archuleta would do with this little jingle? They would have to change the slogan, “Soft swirls of Chilly Bliss with a Distinct Pouty Peak” to “Heavenly Swirls of Pure Bliss ending with a very High Grace Note.” OK, after I hear David’s version, I’m sure I could write something better.

Like David, I wish all the “mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and incredible women who act as a mom” a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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