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David Archuleta to sing “Prayer of the Children” at Children Uniting Nations in D.C.

8 June 2009



At the Children Uniting Nations’ gala on June 9, David will perform “Angels” and “Prayer of the Children.” The latter was written by Kurt Bestor, who produced David’s song “Falling”. Bestor wrote this sweet and powerful song after his Church mission to war-torn Serbia in the 1970s.

“Prayer of the Children” is sung a capella. I hope someone will video David’s performance and I hope he will sing the entire song.

Crying Jesus, help me
To feel the sun again upon my face,
For when darkness clears, I know you’re near,
bringing peace again.

Dali čujete sve dječje molitve?

Can you hear the prayer of the children?

Find out more about Children Uniting Nations and become a mentor for children in need.

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  • lyrix | 1 | 9th June 2009 at 11:43 pm |

    I have read that Jeff (David’s father) recorded David’s performances. I can’t wait for the video. I hope there are a lot of articles written about his performances.