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David Archuleta Woos Washington

10 June 2009


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In D.C. to perform for Children Uniting Nations, David spoke of Christmas. Makes me feel like decorating a tree in June! And the best thing is songs written just for David. Wow! Christmas may never be the same again.

…[David] and his dad are just beginning work on a Christmas album. Jeff, who did not appear any bit of the ogre he was said to be behind the Idol curtain, is a coproducer. He said the album will include traditional songs like “Silent Night” and up to three written just for David.

via David Archuleta of American Idol Woos Washington – Washington Whispers (usnews.com).

When you read this quote, didn’t your mind read “Iron curtain”? I bet it did. Mine did, and I laughed when I realized the mental trick.

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