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29 January 2009



Ok guys here it goes. I live in Englewood FL this is south of Sarasota and north of Fort Myers. We have one store here where I live — Wal-Mart. I have been fighting with them since David’s album came out on 11/11/08. I myself don’t like Wal-Mart but what are you going to do if that is the only store to buy albums. I went in there on 11/11/08 to get David’s album(5) but they weren’t out. So I find the Asst. Manager. Because the person working in that Dept. was giving me a hard time and would not help me in any way. So I wait up at customer about 45 min. The kid comes up and hands me David’s album and takes off. Well I went back to the cd’s and ask where are the rest of them. He says I didn’t know you wanted more. I said I want 5 of them. He says well I already locked the door. At this time I was so mad, I said here take it, I didn’t wait this long for just 1, I will go to Targets. He said go ahead. Not a nice person. So I went up to Venice FL about 12 miles and picked up my 5 albums. From that time to now I have found David’s album in this store in Englewood about 3 times. David’s album has not been in this store in a month. How can people buy his album if it is not in the stores?

Ok now this week I went to Circuit City in Port Charlotte FL about 12 miles to buy a dvd. I look to make sure there are no albums of David’s in the store. Then I jump over to Targets and O boy I find 3. Yes I am happy but not because his album cost the most a Targets $13.99 and have only 12 songs. That’s ok I will take them for the love of David. Then I jump over to Wal-Mart around the corner so to speak. O boy no albums here. But what I found was David’s album on slot music. Sorry David I didn’t buy any because I didn’t know who I could give them to. Yes I am crazy ODD whenever I find his albums, I buy them and give them away hoping that we pick up more fans.

Before I end this I do have to tell you one more thing that I forgot. Last week I had to go to the doctor’s in Venice Fl, so coming back home I passed by a Kmart. So I stop in to buy David’s album. No album of any ones. They don’t sell albums any more because people can download them on the internet. This Kmart is the first to start this. Soon no Kmart will have albums in their stores. Did you all know this?  Helpless in Florida.

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  • Katheryn | 1 | 30th January 2009 at 9:55 pm |

    I think that lack of albums in retail stores is largely Jive’s fault. I read where people have been informed by some stores that they are waiting for Jive to send them more copies so they can restock their shelves. Now, whether this is just an excuse on the part of the stores I do not know. However, it doesn’t make any sense for a store not to reorder an item that has been selling well.

    Jive has obviously underestimated David’s marketability. The sad thing is many people will purchase another album if they cannot locate David’s, and this will drive David’s sales down. The music industry does not seem to be managed very well if you ask me. Illegal downloads are not the only thing responsible for declining sales.

    If you want to purchase the Walmart version of David’s CD with the bonus track, then order it online. That’s what I did.