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David Archuleta’s Billboard Sweep

25 May 2010



David Archuleta Won Billboard’s Poll for Best American Idol Ever!

Archuleta vs Underwood

David Archuleta vs Carrie Underwood Billboard Poll

I need not have been concerned about the obvious advantage the voting form gave to Carrie Underwood—with the radio button beside her name being preselected. In fact, it’s a good thing she had a little initial boost because David Archuleta fans rule!

from Billboard:

Billboard ranked all of the “American Idol” contestants according to song and album sales and radio play, but we asked you to vote on which singer is really the best. Hundreds of thousands of votes were cast to pick your favorite male and female “Idol,” David Archuleta and Carrie Underwood (individual male and female results). And over the last week, you turned out in droves again in the run-off vote between David and Carrie. So who is your ultimate favorite idol? The votes are in…. and the winner is David Archuleta with a whopping 92% of you picking him over Carrie’s 8%! Congrats, David.

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  • kimbee | 1 | 26th May 2010 at 2:54 pm |

    I love that Billboard contacted David about winning this poll and he appreciated the recognition. David has followed Billboard charts for years so I’m sure this was meaningful to him. If you haven’t read the updated article at Billboard, go back and do so, they posted David’s response to winning.

    Thanks everyone who continues to support David in the polls.

  • minja | 2 | 27th May 2010 at 11:46 am |

    hey kimbee, I too was happy to read that David was pleased with the Billboard poll. He said, “I guess the fans I have are just really supportive. I think it’s cool that people consider me their favorite, especially because it’s Billboard. I check Billboard every week and I’m starting to get the magazine more, and I have a Billboard book, so it’s just funny that this is from Billboard, too. It’s not just some teen website, you know? It’s Billboard. I think that’s cool.”

    SOURCE: Billboard poll results