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FINAL BIDS: RSO Hearts and Hands auction

8 October 2009



Final notice about the eBay auction for RSO’s Hearts and Hands quilt and pillow. Who will win the beautiful quilt and matching pillow signed by David Archuleta?

Sharon has a beautiful message detailing all of the incredible love that went into this project:

The quilted throw and pillow are up for Auction on EBAY now, and I think many many people are responsible for the wonderful team effort!!! Countless hours have been put into this project since early spring to bring this effort to its completion.

It started with David’s inspiring heart, and mushroomed into an amazing movement of “Hearts and Hands.” Fans working together, from across the country…via email and US mail …to “touch hands, share warmth, and spread David’s love to the children of India”. Rising Star Outreach( RSO) has been making a tremendous effort bringing their needs to our attention. Money raised from this quilted throw and pillow will go to helping them furnish a school for the children of India who have been touched with leprosy in their families.

Denim squares were cut by fans from all over the country and Canada, mailed, sewed, fringed (cut around the edges), washed, dried, fluffed, stuffed and sewed again. The red squares were printed with some of our favorite quotes of David’s and sent via US mail to two ladies who hand-embroidered each square and sent them back to be included with the rest of the denim and plaid flannel squares. It was all lovingly put together by sewing all of these 50 individually stuffed squares together. The backside makes a different pattern than the front side. David’s beautiful picture was placed right in the central focus of the throw!! Right where he deserves to be. The pillow was created much the same way. Through the efforts of many many people, it was arranged to have David sign both the quilt and pillow at the Minneapolis concert during his summer tour stop. He kindly took some minutes out of his very hectic schedule to make this happen!!

He left us with his beautiful smile, and warm words of encouragement for the success of our auction!!!

Several months of promotion preparation have been involved via email, and phone calls and chats to bring all of our efforts together. Many many hours were spent behind the scenes to make this all happen. Our hope is that you will open your hearts for these beautiful young children in India who so deserve a better life. The quilted throw and pillow are companion pieces, but will be auctioned separately on EBAY until OCT. 10th. Please check them out and bid on these warm and cozy “Gifts from the Heart”!!

Each of these gifts will include David Archuleta’s new CD “Christmas from the Heart” in an attached pocket!!!

Many many heartfelt thanks to all the people who helped in this caring project… spreading love.

Coming together…even though separated by miles…was such a great feeling of really doing something to help. Donating money is wonderful, but the many bonds of friendship that have been formed as a result of working together has definitely been another “gift from the heart”! ” David…look what you made us do!”

Hearts and Hands team members:

Nancy Austen…Jennifer Barry…Kelsey DiBiase…Kristin DiBiase…Andrea Chontos…Rebekah Cole (NA)…Janet Donnelly…Tricia Flores(TXLady)…Pam Fraley(Peacesignpam)…Diana Garcia…Sherry Gilbert…Sue Henegar…Lily Ikemoto( GmaLil4DA)…Sharon McManus(Gmax4)…Laura Osman(Laura2o)…Richard Parkinson……Holly Sefton…Becky Sherlock…Joanie Sutton(Suttygal)…Aurea Trinidad (Audry).

Bid now! Auction ends soon!



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