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“I Wanna Know You”

4 May 2009



Neon Limelight put David Archuleta at number 3 on its list of Top 5 Male Vocalists of 2008. Gavin DeGraw and Ne-Yo were first and second, respectively. Of the Miley Cyrus and David Archuleta “duet”, Neon writes:

Uneven duets are a real drag. You know, the kind where one singer obviously owns the other vocally? Yeah… So unhot. I just knew that’d be the case when I heard that season 7 American Idol runner-up and one of Neon Limelight’s top five male vocalists of 2008 David Archuleta would be teaming up with Disney darling Miley Cyrus for a vocal match-up on Cyrus’s hit show Hannah Montana. Not that I’m completely anti-Miley’s voice, it’s just Miley and David? Embarrassment on the horizon!

Surprisingly, that wasn’t the case! Their duet, “I Wanna Know You,” debuted on Radio Disney yesterday in its entirety. The puppy-love song is a thousand percent catchy, and even though Archie clearly sings circles around Miss Montana, the pairing is pretty sweet!

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I’ve read that David’s solo part was cut from the new release of “I Wanna Know You”. I hope it isn’t true, because when I heard David singing with Miley on “Hannah Montana”, his solo was the highlight and an important part of the song.

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  • bankergin1 | 1 | 4th May 2009 at 8:43 pm |

    I love this song. But they did David wrong. There was more of Miley then David. It was not even out.

  • Katheryn | 2 | 6th May 2009 at 10:30 pm |

    I sent Radio Disney the following email on Sunday:

    Thank you, Radio Disney for premiering the David Archuleta/Miley Cyrus duet “I Wanna Know You.” Many David Archuleta fan sites have noted that the version released by Radio Disney on Saturday, May 2nd is not the same as what is featured on the Hannah Montana show, in that David’s solo part has been left out. In other words, David Archuleta has been turned into a backup singer on the radio version. As fans, we are wondering what happened to the so-called “duet” on the version played by Radio Disney.

    We are hoping that the version released for sale will include David Archuleta’s solo. I guarantee you, you’ll make David Archuleta fans everywhere happy, and you’ll secure more sales of the song!

    Thank you for your consideration.


    I posted this email on FanBlast. I received feedback from a couple of people who were worried I would make Disney angry and that it would hurt David, while others were happy I had written. As far as I’m concerned, Disney pulled a “bait and switch” on us, advertising the song one way on the Hannah Montana show, and then watering down David’s part considerably on the radio version. As one comment I read I YouTube said, “Wasn’t it David who asked Hannah to do a duet with him and not the other way around?!”

    I’m not the least bit worried I offended Disney. As part of the huge ABC conglomerate, Disney no doubt welcomes feedback. Heck, I’m only trying to help them sell more copies of the song! I think many fans have been walking around on eggshells, worried about being too openly enthusiastic in their support of David, and afraid of being compared to the Claymates. At this point in time, that comparision is stale and completely nonapplicable. David is fast becoming an international superstar, and we are not desperately trying to gain acceptance for him in the wider world.

    Britney Spears was in Seattle not too long ago on what I like to call her B.S. Tour! I’ve never heard so much promotion and advertising for a concert before. (It just goes to show you that Jive will reach into their pockets if they feel like it.) KISS-FM was giving away free tickets, etc. in connection with the concert, and there were lots of annoying young women (16 to mid-twenties) calling the station begging for tickets, requesting Britney’s songs, etc. Let me tell you, the DJ’s loved the feedback, and were more than happy to play her songs. As long as the artist is sucessfull and brings listeners to the station, music and program directors love it. They see dollar signs in terms of ad revenue.

  • minja | 3 | 7th May 2009 at 2:47 pm |

    Katheryn, your letter to Radio Disney was respectful and professional. That’s the way we fans can be most helpful to David. And The-Powers-that-Be need to hear from us — we are the consumers. Radio Disney should know that we won’t “consume” a watered-down version of this duet. They can do better.