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27 November 2009




Christmas Tour Twosome As David Archuleta kicks off his Christmas tour this Thanksgiving week, he reminds us how important family is. Singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” David paused to introduce his mother Lupe to the stage. Their duet was very beautiful! Two voices joined together in love and harmony. What a perfect way to start the holiday tour for his debut album, Christmas from the Heart!

The Photo of the Week is David and Lupe Archuleta at Homecoming Parade.

This long Thanksgiving Weekend I salute David’s mother Lupe. During his appearance on American Idol in 2008, she stayed at home taking care of the other children and keeping the home fires burning. Occasionally, she would make an appearance to watch David perform on the show. Later, during the AI summer tour, she also traveled to various cities to join him on the bus. Although Lupe was not highly visible to the public, I believe she is a very strong and supportive presence in David’s mind. They seem to be very close. And from the sounds of their Christmas duet, they are very harmonious indeed!

Our Photo of the Week shows David and Lupe at a moment of great hometown celebration.

David Archuleta with mom Lupe at Homecoming Parade, Murray, Utah, May 9, 2008

  • Photo courtesy of Photo Archives

I hope you all are enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving with all your dear ones.

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