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25 September 2009




¡Viva! David Archuleta otra vez Once again, during Hispanic Heritage Month, we celebrate David Archuleta’s Latin roots. As the ALMA Rising Male Star, David sang “Contigo en la Distancia,” his first televised performance in Spanish.

Honduras, Lupe Archuleta’s country of birth, has been in the news lately. A constitutional crisis threatens peace and stability there. On September 21 the ousted president Zelaya returned to Honduras surreptitiously and is under the protection of the Brazilian embassy in the capital city. We hope that the problem will be resolved by early elections before the end of the year. (Can you name the capital of Honduras?)

David celebrates Carnaval!

It has been reported that David sang Celia Cruz’ “La Vida es un Carnaval” at the 2003 Carnaval in Honduras. The next time David visits his mother’s native land, Honduras will probably have a Carnaval to celebrate David. The yellow t-shirt he is wearing in this photo depicts the logo for the Lisa Lopes “Left Eye” Foundation.

David at Carnaval Laceiba, Honduras, 2003
David Archuleta at Carnaval Laceiba, Honduras, 2003

David Archuleta, a Photographer’s Dream.

Tegucigalpa, capital of Honduras

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