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O Pioneer Day!

24 July 2009


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Wasatch Mountains
The Wasatch Mountains of Utah

Today is Pioneer Day. On July 24, 1847, Brigham Young and his faithful followers first arrived in the Great Salt Lake Basin after a long 17-month journey across 1,297 arduous miles. My thoughts were of these hardy pioneers last October as my jumbo jet glided over the beautiful Salt Lake Valley and its ring of snow-capped mountains. Pulling wagonloads of all that they owned, the 19th century pioneers walked every step of the way to their Land of Golden Opportunity, seeking freedom from religious persecution and a place of refuge. Looking out at the Valley protected by the formidable Wasatch Mountains, I realized on that bright October day what those early pioneers knew, that “this is the place.” Those mountains provide an unbroken circle of protection and shelter.

Fifty years after their arrival, the early Mormon settlers held the first Pioneer Day. The parade featured a giant model beehive with young women dressed as bees. Just four years earlier, the Salt Lake Temple had been completed after a forty-year building project. There was much to celebrate on that first Pioneer Day.

Today Utah continues to attract new pioneers who lead the way with innovations in energy, environment, science & technology, engineering, and personalized medicine. The pioneering spirit is alive and well in Utah and the future holds great promise. Although David is miles from home today, we can be sure he will think about Pioneer Day. The DA Buzzing Honeybees would like to wish all Utahns a happy Pioneer Day.

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  • topazjazz | 1 | 25th July 2009 at 10:33 am |

    Minja, I enjoyed your post about Pioneer Day. The trek across the plains and Rocky Mountains was a long and arduous journey for the first group of Mormons. I can only imagine their joy at seeing the ‘promised land’. Their descendants continue to carry the torch of the pioneer spirit as witnessed in David’s character.