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Project Bearing Kindness

1 June 2010



Project Bearing Kindness

enlargeARCHIE DJA/EASTERN TIME ZONE/5 donorsPlease show your support for Rising Star Outreach during this very exciting time. Because David is on the East Coast this week, we are featuring our Eastern Time Zone Bear. Let’s fill Archie DJA Bear up with loving signatures to benefit the children who will be attending Rising Star Schools. Please visit our website and donate! Thank you so much! Rising Star Outreach

enlargeArchie DJA PassportHere is an update on all the ADORABLE BEARS!
EASTERN TIME ZONE Archie DJA Bear: 14 signatures
CENTRAL TIME ZONE Hope DJA Bear: 7 signatures
MOUNTAIN TIME ZONE Murray DJA Bear: 2 signatures
PACIFIC TIME ZONE Faith DJA Bear: 4 signatures
INTERNATIONAL Peace DJA Bear: 6 signatures

More information: Project Bearing Kindness

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