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Reno concert

31 March 2009



This is the fourth time I’ve seen David LIVE! Each time I experience a post-traumatic disorder that can only be described as ODD. For weeks afterward, I hear David’s voice in my head and dream of the next concert. The Reno concert was, of course, the first time he was a headliner. It was very special to be part of the audience.

The set started when David literally ran onto the stage and began singing.

1. “Touch my Hand” a great way to meet & greet the audience as he touches hands of the front row fans.

2. “Barriers” flexes his arm muscle as he sings “Our love’s burnin’ down, Creepin’ in the doubt, we’re not gettin’ any stronger.”

3. “ALTNOY”, co-written by David, Mike Krompass and others, another major hit!

4. “Somebody out There” with Mike K on guitar, co-written by David and Mike, one of my favs

5. “My Hands” a gorgeous cappella ending

6. “Works for Me!” David says it’s a song about his personal life and how things have worked out for him. I LOVE WFM!

7. “Waiting for Yesterday” I LOVE WFY too!

8. Medley of four of his favs: U2’s “One,” Des’ree’s “You Gotta Be,” Sarah Bareilles’ “Love Song” and Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours.”

9. “To Be with You” with David on keyboard and Kendra on violin and backup vocals, hauntingly beautiful

10. “Como La Flor”, Spanish song by Selena (a cappella), with his mom Lupe and aunts in the audience

11. “Don’t Let Go”, co-written by David and sung with great passion

12. “Zero Gravity”, a huge HIT and crowd favorite and one David really enjoys as much as the audience, co-written by David and Mike

13. “You Can”, a favorite forever, simply beautiful

14. “Crush” ending the concert with his signature song and his first Platinum Record.

Encore — The band departed. In a few minutes David returned alone to sit at the keyboard and sing:

15. “A Thousand Miles”, probably the best piano playing of this song that I’ve heard him perform

16. “Angels”, his heart clearly in this meaningful song; and “down the waterfall”, I go!

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