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David Archuleta Song of the Week

24 May 2010



Songs It is down to the last two contestants on the latest season of American Idol. Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze have made it into the Top Two for the Season 9 title. But I want to flash back to the Season 7 Final. It was May 20, 2008, and David Archuleta and David Cook were in the same place. That night was full of anticipation for both ‘the Davids,’ as well as the fans who had followed the show. I will never forget watching David Archuleta sing his first song of the evening. His performance was nothing short of amazing and he took my breath away. He gave it his all in that performance, prompting Simon Cowell to declare it Archuleta’s best performance on the show. Even now when I listen to a recording of the song from that evening two years ago, I still feel the excitement and energy in his voice.

The Song of the Week is…

“Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me”

“Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” was written by British musician Elton John and lyricist Bernie Taupin in January 1974. It is the first single from Elton John’s album, Caribou. The song was released in the United Kingdom on May 20, 1974, and in the United States a month later. Coincidentally, May 20th was the day that David performed it on American Idol, 34 years after its release!

“Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me” is a powerful song about helping someone out, only to be rejected later. The song starts off slowly and builds to an emotional crescendo. The words are heartfelt, as the listener feels the anguish in the singer’s voice, pleading “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me.” The chorus of the song is supported by a horn arrangement and features backing vocals from the Beach Boys’ Carl Wilson and Bruce Johnston, as well as famous 1970’s singer, Toni Tennille.

Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me” with lyrics provided:

Even though the song was popular in the 1970s, it became an even bigger hit when George Michael sang it as a duet with Elton John for the Live Aid concert in 1985. The duo then recorded it during a ‘live’ concert performance in 1991. The duet and video were released later that year and reached number one on the UK singles chart for two weeks in December 1991. It was also number one for a single week on the Billboard Hot 100 in February 1992. It has been reported that proceeds from that ‘live’ single were divided among ten different charities for children, AIDS, and education.

Here is the 1991 video of George Michael singing “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” with Elton John:

Finally, here is David Archuleta’s rendition of the song from American Idol Season 7, Top 2 show. I just wish he had been able to sing all the words because, in my humble opinion, he sings it with so much heart and soul that it is the best ‘live’ performance out of the three I have included here! 😉

I want to wish Crystal and Lee the best of luck in their quest for the title of “American Idol.” As we fans of David know, both Crystal and Lee are already winners, whether they come in first or second, and their future in music will be bright and full of opportunity! 😉

Take care all,

Listen to Song of Last Week.

David Archuleta, the Voice

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  • lyrix | 1 | 25th May 2010 at 12:35 am |

    I always felt that this performance by David showed how great his ability was for being able to interpret the music & lyrics of a song. No one else on Idol has ever been able to “get into that song, tell it to the judges… and make sure they understand it.” like David has. 🙂

  • minja | 2 | 27th May 2010 at 11:52 am |

    David left it all on the stage that night! Gosh, I’m still moved by the tears that glistened in his eyes after he sang this song. He really did “tell it to the judges” who, for their part, felt it necessary to make sure David was not considered the underdog by the voting public. (The result on AI last night proves once again that the public loves to support the underdog.)