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David Archuleta ‘Song of the Week’

28 June 2010



SongsDavid Archuleta has been working on a new album scheduled to be released sometime in the fall of 2010. Many fans like me are earnestly awaiting this new album and looking forward to hearing David’s new material. So much has been discussed on various fan sites and in recent interviews with David about his work for this album. He has reportedly helped to write many songs and has worked with some very talented and well known music writers. I am really excited to hear the new songs that will be selected for this new album.

I have often wondered how songs are chosen for an album. Is there a formula? Who picks the songs? I am sure the artist has a lot to do with it, but I also think many decisions are made which are beyond the artist’s control. How do “the powers that be,” aka the record label, decide what will be a hit and what won’t? And why are there so many album versions? It was never this way when I was a teen back in the ’70s. Gosh, back then it seemed so much more simple. An old-fashioned LP would be released and there was only one version to buy. It was that easy and a lot less expensive! But for David’s debut album, there are at least three versions I am aware of: the regular version with 12 songs; the Walmart version with an extra song, “Works for Me;” and the Japanese version, which omitted “Your Eyes Don’t Lie” but added a “Crush” remix and a song unavailable in the US called “Save the Day.” Oh, and I can’t forget about the i-Tunes Deluxe album which could only be bought from the i-Tunes store online. In my opinion, that version included some of David’s best songs—”Waiting For Yesterday,” “Somebody Out There,” and “Falling.”

I find it all a bit crazy, confusing and complicated. And honestly, I have to admit I have not always agreed with some of the choices that have been made. Which leads me to my song choice this week. This song was not chosen for David’s first album. However, it was discovered a few months ago and though I do not agree with David’s music being ‘leaked’ to the public, this is a great song and I just can’t figure out why it was left off the CD. So I am going to share it anyway, because it has now been ‘put out there’ for anyone who wants to hear it.

The Song of the Week is…

“She’s Not You”

The song “She’s Not You” was written by Eman Kiriakou, Jesse Cates, and Lindsey Robbins. This group of talented writers also helped to write and produce other songs that were included on David’s first album. “Crush” was co-written by Eman and Jesse.

“She’s Not You” is about trying to move on after a break-up. The young man in the song is dating another girl, but he is having a hard time letting go of his previous girlfriend. The new relationship just doesn’t feel the same for him. Once again, David sings the song so convincingly that he has the listener believing he knows all about heartbreak. Yet as David has said in many interviews, he has never had a girlfriend. He is a master at expressing heartfelt emotion in song. Take a listen….

David’s ‘officially’ unreleased song “She’s Not You.”

Whatever new songs are picked for David’s upcoming album, one thing is for certain, I will be excited to hear him sing them. It is my opinion that David Archuleta is one of the most talented performers of our time and when he sings anything, I am always thrilled and left wanting more! 😉

Have a nice week all, and take care,

Listen to Song of Last Week.

David Archuleta, the Voice

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  • minja | 1 | 29th June 2010 at 8:48 am |

    Good questions, bigarchiefan. Music producers have to think about the listener’s pleasure and choose songs that have a variety of tempo and mood, while also considering how the mix of songs will work in a live performance. David probably thinks about the live show a lot, since he loves to play with songs and make melodic changes over the course of a concert tour.

    Thanks for writing about this song. Gosh, I had never heard it!! I could hardly believe that there was a David song I hadn’t heard, but I was in Italy when it was “leaked.” So, thank you, thank you! “She’s Not You” really showcases David’s pure and beautiful high notes well.