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Song of the Week

7 September 2009




SongsAs the summer winds down and many of us are busy celebrating the Labor Day weekend, I am reminded of how quickly this summer came and went. It seems I waited so long for it to actually arrive. We had an unseasonably cold and wet spring in the Northeast where I live. It was a special day when summer officially started because I was in Hartford seeing David Archuleta’s first concert with Demi Lovato. That seems so long ago….sigh! Now the last few weeks of summer are upon us, and the weather has been beautiful with lots of warm sunny days and very low humidity. The cool, almost chilly summer nights are a reminder that Fall is coming, I can feel Autumn in the air! Time for many of us to return to routines and schedules. I am not complaining, mind you, but I always feel a certain sadness as summer ends. Kids go back to school, the days get shorter and before you know it, winter is once again upon us!

So as I look ahead to what Fall has to offer and I think about summer’s ‘yesterday’, I would like to share my song choice this week with all of you! 😉

The Song of the Week is…“Waiting For Yesterday”

“Waiting For Yesterday” was written by David Hodges, Steven McMorran and Joy Williams. To the disappointment of many fans, it was not on David’s first self-titled album which was released November 11, 2008. Instead, it could only be purchased through iTunes as an iTunes Deluxe Edition bonus track. Many, including me, felt that this was a great song and should have made the album. Unfortunately, Jive had other ideas. However, I am happy to say that fans love this song and David has included it in his tour repertoire. It has become a fan favorite!

“Waiting For Yesterday” is an upbeat pop song about waiting patiently for the one you love to come around and realizing that there is another love out there. One that won’t hurt them and make them feel bad. It is romantic and full of teen angst. I love it! It is a perfect song for David, as it is something many teens his age can relate to.

As we enjoy these last few weeks of summer, here for your listening pleasure is….

“Waiting For Yesterday” by David Archuleta

Here is a concert version from Hartford,CT 6/21/09 (First show of the summer. Ahh, brings back memories and I think he waved at me!!! ;))

Take care all,

David Archuleta, the Voice

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  • judith | 1 | 7th September 2009 at 2:18 pm |

    Hi Katie! How true..how bittersweet this time of year can be for us all. The perfect antidote is listening to David..and “Waiting for Yesterday” is a terrific remedy for the Summertime is over Blues!

    Good luck to all who are returning to school whether students or teachers.

    The next few months will fly by quickly I am sure….Christmas CD….hopefully promotion of Christmas CD with TV appearances and concerts we can attend. So a lot to look forward to as we take that last look over our shoulder to say farewell to Summer 2009.

  • minja | 2 | 10th September 2009 at 1:41 pm |

    I love the drumbeat in this song. And all the ‘days’ turned into ‘ehs’. It’s a cool song with great lyrics. Listen to the roar of the audience in the live version! Awesome.

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