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DA Music Beat: Autotuned ‘Talent’

24 August 2010
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This is Music Beat. Exploring the music world into which David Archuleta is immersed. Featuring Music Biz, Buzz Board, the Way-Back Machine, and more. Enjoy! Buzz Board Simon Cowell’s X Factor Autotunes Contestants! Wired.com 24 August 2010 Today this Wired.com article, written by Eliot Van Buskirk, will dismay true music lovers, but it isn’t shocking […]

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Auto-Tuning – David Archuleta Doesn’t Need It

16 November 2009
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In the recent aftermath of The Gregory Brothers, a sibling band out of Brooklyn, New York, which have become a hit on YouTube with a series of videos that Auto-Tune cable newscasts and political speeches using computers to make their voices sound like whiny robots, Auto-Tune technology continues to ride a culture high. Now the […]

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