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Type Bee: DA Honeybee Diet Plan

25 August 2009
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This little Honeybee has been ill. What does a sick Honeybee do — well, I’ve been buzz-y doodling, drawing pictures. This is DA Honeybee Diet Plan. Instead of the USDA food pyramid, we have a beehive with interlacing and complex hexagons. DA Diet DA Honeybees do not live by nectar and honey alone. No, we […]

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David sings National Anthem for Utah’s Governor

4 January 2009
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Tomorrow Utah’s Governor will be sworn in on the south steps of the State Capitol in Salt Lake City. My sister and I were there just last October and these bronze beehives had been newly installed at the front entrance. For the State of Utah, the beehive represents the spirit of Community. It is a […]

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