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Stadium of Fire 2011

3 July 2011
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David Archuleta & Brad Paisley perform at Stadium of Fire Performing yesterday for a crowd of about 50,000 at America‚Äôs Freedom Festival in Provo, Utah, David Archuleta almost out-sang himself on “The Star Spangled Banner”. The song started on the big video screen showing a 2003 performance of the 12-year-old David, with the 20-year-old David […]

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David Archuleta, Brad Paisley to perform at Stadium of Fire

24 February 2011
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David Archuleta will be one of the headliners for the annual Stadium of Fire event in Provo, Utah this July. Country music star Brad Paisley will also be performing. Stadium of Fire entertainment has gone back and forth the last few years between a youth movement and its long-favored country music format. This year both […]

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