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Song of the Week

1 February 2010
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  Songs¬†This past week was full of stress at work, heart-wrenching stories in the news and worry about where this economy of ours is going. Some days I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders as I try to navigate my way through this thing we call ‘life’! When I am […]

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David Archuleta Buzz Wrap

24 August 2009
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¬† pikepss Weekly on David Archuleta Good Morning Honeybees and friends! Welcome to our Weekly Buzz Wrap-up on David Archuleta! This past week we have a new Christmas album release date, cancelled concert dates, rescheduled concerts and the anticipation of Christmas concerts to be announced for November and December 2009. What will David be doing […]

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Archuleta performs magic with Colbie Caillat song

29 July 2009
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That sweet, soulful voice of David Archuleta’s has worked its magic on the hit Caillat song “Bubbly”. Is there anything he cannot sing? NO! The Pittsburgh audience was so lucky to be there at his solo concert last night. SOURCE: waitingforyesterdayx

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