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David Archuleta – More Utah Concert Pictures

17 January 2010
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These photos I have taken in Utah at David Archuleta’s Christmas Tour Concert reveal how he can command an audience. It’s not that he comes out in a bold way, not at all, his presence is more like he magnetizes his audience as soon as he steps out. We are then on a journey of […]

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David Archuleta Holiday Concert Tour

10 November 2009
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David Archuleta will soon be starting his holiday tour. He will be singing songs from his debut holiday album, Christmas from the Heart, as well as some of the favorites from his debut pop album. Honeybees, are you going to attend one of David’s holiday concerts? I will be attending the Kansas City, MO, show. […]

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Intensity on Stage – Omaha Concert!

10 September 2009
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Often I wonder what David is thinking when he sings a certain song. But then I remember he feels his music rather than thinking about it. These next few pictures again reveal how David Archuleta transcends the love and passion he has for his music and his audience. Emotionally, his face and body language tells […]

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David Archuleta Weekly Buzz

16 August 2009
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  pikepss Weekly on David Archuleta Welcome back Honeybees for the second Weekly Buzz on David Archuleta! I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your wonderful and positive comments on last week’s column! Your feedback was much appreciated! Now, let’s take another look at what David Archuleta has been doing this […]

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Pam Pike’s Photo Album

6 August 2009
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Introducing the Pam Pike Photo Album! I thought it would be great to feature many of the concert photos I have taken of David Archuleta this summer. I hope you’ll enjoy reviewing them. There are so many favorites I felt they all should be shared. Today is the appropriate time to post these as I […]

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