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David Archuleta ‘Song of the Week’

12 July 2010
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SongsYesterday Spain won its first ever World Cup Soccer championship title. This is a very exciting moment in history for Spain, and for all those who feel a kinship to that country. Also today, David Archuleta is in San Antonio, Texas, at the Tejano Music Awards to honor the late singer, Selena. So in honor of these […]

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¡Viva! MasterClass Lady

26 September 2009
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We David Archuleta fans always enjoy reading the excellent critiques from Rosanne Simunovic, better known as ‘MasterClass Lady’. I have already given her credit for saving my sanity during the emotional roller coaster of American Idol season 7. The coverage by so-called “entertainment journalists,” biased bloggers, and rumor-mongers was atrocious. By May 2008 I would […]

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Type Bee: The singing athlete

22 September 2009
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I enjoy all kinds of music—Classical, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Pop, Rock. Give me a song with lots of grace notes, glissandos and appoggiaturas and I’m in heaven. I enjoy complex, reflective music. At the same time, I know that the best music comes from the heart of the singer and sometimes ‘less is more’. Let’s […]

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Song of the Week

21 September 2009
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  Songs David Archuleta has such a beautiful sound to his voice. It has a tone and quality that is soothing and pleasant to the ear. When he sings, he does it with so much emotion that he has the ability to connect with the listener. You feel the song with him. It is as […]

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Latin roots

20 September 2009
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¡Viva La Honduras! ¡Viva La España! ¡Viva La México! Beginning September 15 we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. It was on that date in 1821 that five Latin American countries—Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua—declared their independence. Last week fans of David Archuleta had that Latin spirit going on big time, culminating in David’s […]

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