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Dracula Pokes ‘Fun’ at DA Buzzing

29 October 2010
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DA Buzzing Cries Out for Mercy! As a trick-or-treating child, David Archuleta’s favorite Halloween costume was Dracula. While I have nothing personal against Mr. Vlad, I regret to inform you that this website has been ‘impaled’ by Vlad the Impaler. He has left us in an inescapable and helpless position…and I suspect I know the […]

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Pumpkin Head, David Archuleta

1 November 2009
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Halloween 2009 has come and gone, and I’m still remembering Halloween 2008 in Utah. What a wonderful trip! The picture above was taken by Angel/Honeybee gemzone of my sister and me at the famous Thanksgiving Point Corn Maze in Lehi. It was so much fun wandering the maze made in David Archuleta’s image from bent […]

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Photo of the Week

30 October 2009
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  iFly! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Super David!! David Archuleta, the young man with the soaring voice, took flight about this time last year. He literally soared! The Photo of the Week is… David Archuleta, iFlying Machine During American Idol 2008, David Archuleta was asked what super power he […]

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Happy Halloween!

28 October 2009
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Honeyboos Halloween Buzz… Beware! Ghosts and goblins and other winged beings who like to do mean and malicious things. Behold! DA Honeybees who spread only good wishes and fill a child’s bag with Hershey’s kisses. Though something wicked this way come, We Honeybees will not run! We’ll fly to our neighbors down the street and […]


Type Boo!

27 October 2009
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Type Bee says “Boo!” Not as a crowd boos a performance, but to startle or frighten you. Yes! It’s almost Halloween—time for ghouls, skeletons, and terrifying pumpkinheads. Be afraid, be very afraid. Working for Treats Halloween starts at sunset and ends at midnight on October 31st. Also known as All Hallows’ Eve, it is the […]

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