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Stadium of Fire 2011

3 July 2011
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David Archuleta & Brad Paisley perform at Stadium of Fire Performing yesterday for a crowd of about 50,000 at America‚Äôs Freedom Festival in Provo, Utah, David Archuleta almost out-sang himself on “The Star Spangled Banner”. The song started on the big video screen showing a 2003 performance of the 12-year-old David, with the 20-year-old David […]

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DA Photo of the Week

2 July 2010
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  O! Say! I’m enjoying my 2010 calendar because every month features some of my favorite photos of David Archuleta. The photo for July is “Patriotic David,” a composite created by the graphic artist R4D. Photo of the Week is July Photo Art by R4D. David Archuleta sings American patriotic songs like no other. He […]

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