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David Archuleta’s Heaven

24 July 2011
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When David Archuleta sang Bryan Adams’ “Heaven” in Manila recently, the audience was in heaven! What a voice—soulful, golden, pure. Thank you, David! Thanks for the excellent video, booradleigh!

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David Archuleta/Arrested

17 May 2009
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OMG I am ‘jest’ sitting here laughing my head off. Could you picture David being arrested in Manila? Ok, here goes. 50,000 fans are all outside the police station, and David locked up and standing at his window, the fans are yelling David David. David is at the window jumping up and down and waving […]

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David Archuleta thanks Filipino fans!

16 May 2009
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As David prepares to fly back home, he is so appreciative of his fans. I like the way he stresses the second syllable. Have a safe trip home, David. I hope you can sleep during the long flight. Maybe stop in Hawaii for a well-deserved R&R.

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