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David Archuleta – Idol Math? It Doesn’t Add Up!

19 February 2010
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David Archuleta adds up to Stardom! The math on American Idol never did add up very well for me and People.Com Magazine’s article February 18, 2010 is no exception. Comparing David Archuleta with these two young men, Kevin Covias and Aaron Kelly, is so widespread it’s like choosing between fruit on the vine that needs […]

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DA Weekly Buzz

11 October 2009
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  pikepss Weekly on David Archuleta A Welcome Hello to all Honeybees this October morning! Exciting days ahead for all as there are only 2 days left before we are blessed with a wonderful gift—Christmas From The Heart! Share the joy if you can and gift David’s CD to a loved one or a close […]

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David in People Magazine

7 October 2009
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These photos are from the 35th Birthday issue from People Magazine. Adorable interview from Rick Springfield and David Archuleta on being teen idols in the ’80s and the present. Just finished reading the article and loved how they described what articles are thrown at them on stage. HaHa, quite different for each of them! Real […]

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Teen Idols, Past, Present and Future

6 October 2009
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A little snippet of the People Magazine interview with David Archuleta and Rick Springfield (“Jessie’s Girl”), a couple of teen heartthrobs several decades apart. Very funny and sweet. (see video next under pikepss’ post; we posted at the same time.) I’ll have to get several copies when this issue comes out!

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People Magazine – David Archuleta and Rick Springfield

6 October 2009
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Just came across some of the photos from the People Magazine photo shoot and interview with David Archuleta and Rick Springfield on the subject of Teen Idols today vs in the 80’s. I think it’s great they picked David as their choice of Teen Idol. There is a video that is real cute as well.

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