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David Archuleta Smiling Again at his Fans

20 January 2010
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David Archuleta’s Christmas Tour – Salt Lake City, Utah These pictures were taken from front row center when David was having a good time with his audience.  The color of the lights at that moment was just perfect to outline him on stage.  The best pictures of David are when you capture his smile.  photos […]

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David Archuleta – More Utah Concert Pictures

17 January 2010
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These photos I have taken in Utah at David Archuleta’s Christmas Tour Concert reveal how he can command an audience. It’s not that he comes out in a bold way, not at all, his presence is more like he magnetizes his audience as soon as he steps out. We are then on a journey of […]

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9 January 2009
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OH MY! It has taken a moment for me to recover from the stunning pictures of David taken by MATT CLAYTON.  A beautiful article in SQUARE MAGAZINE with these lovely pictures captures the essence of David.  You can go to FOD or Matt’s website and expect to linger for a few minutes as they are […]

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