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David Archuleta – Is He The King of Polls?

17 March 2010
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For several reasons this article tickles my funny bone as neither writer, Christina Kinon nor Donna Reynolds, listed David Archuleta as one of their favorite Idol contestants. But behold, look who is winning! As of this date with 42% of the vote, he is leading. It always amazes me there are still a few people […]


Who is Idol Chatter’s AI Hottest Guy?

13 February 2010
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We fans of David Archuleta don’t rely on internet polls to find out that David is THE hottest guy. Polls come and polls go, but David will always be our “Idol”! It’s Valentine’s, so what better way to show our appreciation of David than by voting for him on Brian Mansfield’s American Idol Hottest Guy […]

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On Poll Vaulting – a Fan Sport

6 January 2009
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Musing today about poll vaulting — eh, I mean, poll voting. Why do we fans continue to vote in the Musiqtone poll when David’s “Crush” has 30 percent more votes than the second-place video? We could stop at this point and still win Video of the Year 2008. Is it because we want to Crush […]

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