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David Archuleta Song Previews

8 July 2012
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David Archuleta has provided several enticing snippets of these songs from his upcoming album, Begin. For information about the album, to be released on August 7, and to pre-order your copy, visit David Archuleta.com. Tune up your ears and enjoy!

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David Archuleta: Songs of His Personality

6 November 2009
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As the world changes day by day so does the emotional and behavioral traits that characterize David Archuleta. A song is a short composition of words and music and to express one’s personality takes common sense and wisdom with a touch of innocence which describes David as we know him. He is an enigma, the […]

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Tag Cloud of David Archuleta Songs

2 May 2009
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Thinking, remembering, hearing all the wonderful songs David Archuleta has performed, recorded, and written, my mind goes up to the clouds again — yes! it’s time for another tag cloud! This one is composed of many keywords found in the titles of many of David’s songs. I liked the way “Imagine” sits vertically and almost […]

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Rumor has it

10 January 2009
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Have you heard? There is word going ’round that David Archuleta may release a new song soon. It’s unknown whether the song has already been recorded or is in the works. My guess is that the song is a Spanish version of “Crush”, which I know David has recorded. He has spoken about the difficulty […]