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David Archuleta, “To Be With You”

5 May 2010
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“To Be With You” is my favorite song on David Archuleta’s album. And I know many others love it too. David himself recently tweeted that he overheard his song at a wedding party in a Los Angeles restaurant—it was the couple’s “first dance”. I found this Pierce Brosnan video which uses this beautiful song to […]

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Song of the Week

21 September 2009
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  Songs David Archuleta has such a beautiful sound to his voice. It has a tone and quality that is soothing and pleasant to the ear. When he sings, he does it with so much emotion that he has the ability to connect with the listener. You feel the song with him. It is as […]

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Staring at the Moon tonight…

28 July 2009
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‘Moon’ is DA Buzzing’s Secret Word for the month of July (see sidebar). It’s the perfect word, not only because the zodiac sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and not only because the Apollo 11 Moon Landing happened 40 years ago, but also — and of special interest to us David Archuleta fans […]

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