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DA Music Beat: Name that Tune!

13 May 2010
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This is Music Beat. Exploring the music world into which David Archuleta is immersed. Featuring Music Biz, Buzz Board, the Way-Back Machine, and more. Enjoy! Buzz Board “Crazy” Lyrics David Archuleta sings “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley like crazy, man! What if you could display the lyrics while you listen to him sing? TypeStar, a Processing […]

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The Song of the Week

22 March 2010
4 Buzzes

Songs¬†I am a fan of the show American Idol. Season 7 was for me the best season that has come from that show in a long time. It was the season that introduced me to David Archuleta! I have watched¬†Season 9, the current season, since it started last January. Although I have heard some talented […]

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