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24 August 2009




pikepss Weekly on David Archuleta

Good Morning Honeybees and friends! Welcome to our Weekly Buzz Wrap-up on David Archuleta! This past week we have a new Christmas album release date, cancelled concert dates, rescheduled concerts and the anticipation of Christmas concerts to be announced for November and December 2009. What will David be doing in September and most of October? Promotion tours, radio, TV, interviews I hope, or perhaps that needed rest he deserves! Very unlikely about the rest, but he surely needs one. But check in on Weekly Buzz Wrap and we’ll tell you what you’ve missed! This week’s Buzz is full of good and plenty. Let’s get started!


Reviews and Interviews

18 August

David Archuleta’s Show at Grand Rapids, The Intersection Rocks, Surprisingly — Lorilee Craker — The Grand Rapids Press
About 450 concertgoers, ages 6 to 60, screamed like crazy through the 2008 American Idol runner-up’s show, yelling and squealing every time the teen idol sang a sweet lyric, gestured in a particularly handsome way, or uttered a sentence.
His voice is fantastic, a lustrous tenor with an unaffected shot of blues, and he has a way of performing that draws people in, belying his tender age. In fact, Archuleta’s set exceeded my expectations. It was even better than Daughtry’s early solo shows.

(Great Article about David and his performance — A must read)

20 August

JustJaredJr.- MLive.com — David Interviewed on Holiday Record, Solo Shows and Teen Choice Awards –
On his holiday record, David stated “I’m really excited about the Christmas Album, because it will show a side of music that I connected to on the show, but not so much with the pop music. It’s all about those emotional and heartfelt songs.”

Solo Shows — “I love doing my own shows. Everyone who comes out to the show actually paid to watch you perform, which is a strange thought if you really think about it — The crowd feels a lot more intimate, and I feel like I’m at a more personal level at my own shows. There’s just a great vibe that I feel from the audience, and it only makes me want to put on a better show.”

TCA — “I think the breakout artist award was the most surprising and exciting for me, because it feels like I’ve been able to keep myself moving forward and continuing after American Idol.”

David’s show at Fairfax, Virginia was no surprise. He was in great voice and when he sang Barriers, he just killed the crowd. It was perfect! Somebody Out There — everyone clapping to the music and following every breath and word he sang — all eyes on David with so many screams of pure delight and excitement.

21 August

Hershey, Pennsylvania — David kicked a beach ball into the audience and hit a girl in the face, apologized of course, was looking at the sunset, never seen a sunset while he was performing before and thanked Demi for bringing him on tour. His singing was perfect as usual and he seemed to enjoy the crowd and being outside, although the show was cut short due to a “potentially dangerous storm,” according to David. He cut two songs from his set and Demi cut four songs from hers. Someone gave him a rose on stage and a teddy bear was next to the drums. Whipped cream somehow got into the act and Mike and Dave got it on their faces. HaHa! A very good ending to a lovely summer tour.

18 August

Video blog — David say he is excited about performing in Clarkston as it is an amphitheater and he loves them! Happy and appreciates his voice! Just got it back yesterday and is thrilled! Happy he has had Ashlee with him for the last couple of weeks, he said it was nice to have someone to hang out with from back home. (Very cute video blog and as usual get distracted with something else going on and forgets his train of thought.)


DavidArchie & Friends

17 August –


Day off yesterday was grand. Solo show in Grand Rapids, Michigan today!
For lunch, I got a sandwich and replaced my fries with fruit. It was hard but I’m happy with myself in the end. lol.
Having a birthday lunch for Ashlee! It’s her birthday! woo hoo haha.
It’s raining big time!! And there are people waiting outside! Ah! We’re going to try and get them sheltered! lol.

18 August

Had just a small piece of delicious chocolate nut birthday cake last night. I was on a sugar high for the rest of the night.
Trying to do a blog right now. It’s not turning out all that great so I apologize haha!
Here is a long lame video blog
Clarkston, Michigan was fun. I love the sun! Go amphitheaters!
Currently have a neti pot up my nose to clear up my sinuses. lol.
Spent 3 hours going through hidtol [sic gifts] and letters and I’m not done…I honestly don’t know how I’m going to keep up with all of it.
Sorry that was supposed to say gifts lol. I’m just tired — I need to sleep through because tomorrow is more recording. good night.

19 August


Ony my way to do some more recording today!


Headed to recording session in Provo. Be back soon.


Was at the same studio I recorded To Be With You in today! Brings back memories.

On our way back. Paparazzi is following us. Kinda random lol. If only people had more productive things to do with their day.

20 August


good morning good morning and how do you do?

Last night I had a dream that I was driving a beat up orange car that kept breaking down on me. It was irritating haha.

(Now what happened to that brand new Ford he got last year, it was green, he should be dreaming about that one. haha!)

Ashlee’s only with us for a few more hours

Doing a photo shoot for the Christmas Album!

(Can’t wait to see those pictures!)

21 August


Show in Hershey, Pennsylvania today. But I’m gonna try and stay away from all the chocolate haha.

Ashlee made it home safe FYI haha. I gota feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night, tonight’s gonna be a good night.


Just listened to one mixed tune off of Archuleta Christmas CD. Very happy with it.


Riding roller coasters! Woo hoo!!

Fun time in Hershey! It was outdoors and the sun was setting during my set.

Tonight was the last show for a while at least for this tour. Thanks so much everyone for coming to the shows! What a summer!!

(Thank you David for a beautiful summer of concerts and all those wonderful VIP meet and greets they were all very special to us.)

DavidArchie — Saying goodbyes in the rain. dds to the mood lol. The crew on this tour are such great people!

DavidArchie — In Providence, Rhode Island today. It look like we’re in Batmans’s underground layer but I’m sure his layer is a lot cooler.

DavidArchuleta — So it’s spelled Batman’s “lair” not layer. Woops haha! My bad. Thanks for correcting me Kendra and Ray.

22 August

DavidArchie — I drove to Chicaagoo, in a van, with my friend. HaHa! Layover. Hunggrryy.

(David has over 200,000 followers on Twitter, lets keep it increasing tell all your friends.)

Summer Tour


David’s management has confirmed that the final three shows on the Demi/David Tour have been cancelled: August 22 — Atlantic City, New Jersey — August 23 — Providence, Rhode Island — August 24 — Manchester, New Hampshire. There is no guarantee but David’s people are trying to reschedule concerts perhaps around the end of October or the 1st of November. This decision to cancel the last three shows was made by the Disney people.

20 August

October 29th — Manchester, NH — Verizon Wireless — October 30th — Providence, RI- Dunkin’ Donuts Center — November 1st -Atlantic City, NJ — Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort — Which will be moved to showtime at 4:00PM. All these shows are with David/Demi.

Google Alerts


16 August — The Grand Rapids Press — by Lorilee Cracker

Grand Rapids — When David Archuleta was in Grand Rapids last year, he was riding high at the crest of the American Idol live tour. But this year’s visit has the teen sensation riding even higher, headlining his own concert Monday at the Intesection.

17 August — Examiner.com — West Palm Beach — David Archuleta Wins Idol Runner-up popularity poll! David won with 50% of the total with 145,229 (polldaddy) votes at 12:00AM EST. Monday August 17th. (Total votes 288,612)

Idol Chatter — Bill Pinella Updates AI — Cook, Archuleta still buddies! “I talk to Archie every couple of weeks,” Cook said. “He’s a great guy. One of the nicest people I think I have ever met. I was one of his biggest fans and still am.”

Under Comments: McFly band members said, “If you find a word ‘nicest’ in a dictionary, you will find ‘Archuleta’ there. He will do great things for the American Music Industry.

Idol News — David Archuleta New Christmas Album set for Release October 13, 2009. Amazon.com is now selling pre-orders!
(Go and order today and lets get those sales up!)


blogs, vids, VIPs

18 August — Snarky Archies — Nicole’s Clarkston’s VIP Meet and Greet

At the meet and greet at Clarkston there were about 30-40 people for David’s VIP. They waited for about an hour, then Kristin said David will be showing up in a golf cart soon! HaHa! David arrived with Ashlee and they all screamed and clapped. David grabbed a watermelon and looked all happy to eat one. HaHa! He ate it and tried talking too. He said it was cool coming here in a golf cart!

(The idea of David running around in a golf cart cracks me up. He is known not to be the best driver, he get distracted easily! HaHa!)

19 August

David’s name has been in three game shows as an answer, Jeopardy, Catch 21 and The List. I am sure we can expect more to come!

20 August

Tony Orlando on QVC — selling Time Life Romancing the 70’s 8 CD set. He mentions David!!

He says you know David Archuleta from AI, he a great singer/artist! I gave him one of the CD sets and you thought I gave him Gold!!

(David appreciates each and every gift that is given to him!)

No Gifts at VIP — starting with the Hershey VIP David will not be able to accept gifts from fans as he will not have the tour bus, therefore, no means to stash or transport his gifts. FROM I LOVE ALL ACCESS TEAM

(Besides he probably doesn’t have the time to open any more gifts as he twittered the other night. It’s starting to overwhelm him, poor thing.)

Human Interest

17 — August — David and KSM! — KSM said that David would be in one of their webisodes on Teen.com. He comes in at about :47!

Archuleta Fanscene: People Magazine Most Beautiful People of 2010

How would you like to see David in there? That would be very cool. Here is what we as fans can do to make this happen. Email People Magazine at: editor@people.com and let them know how you would like to see David in the Most Beautiful People of 2010 edition. While you’re emailing them be sure to mention the release of the “Christmas From the Heart” album.

18 August — Came across this written by MasterClassLady:

Found that several people had tweeted me this wonderful performance by David The Great Archuleta. I am always astounded at the pitch-perfect clarity of his voice. His vocal tone is so transparent and centered. Also, the soulful essence of his performing style is really evident in this performance of “Bubbly”. He gets better and better with age — a true vocal genius.

People reports that Shania Twain will fill guest judge’s spot in Chicago on Aug. 30 & 31.

21 August
Washington Examiner Article
Lovato was in town (Washington) taking a tour of the White House as she twittered “just chillen” as David Archuleta in town, chose work over play, laying down some tracks at Omega Studios in Rockville while Lovato took in the sights.

pikepss’ Pick of the Week

Fox Interview with David

17 August — Emily Richett from Fox 17 West Michigan shows a bit of her interview with David! He talks about the Teen Choice Awards, his international fans, and as he is being interviewed, his Kleenex is set on fire with a candle which is close to him. You can hear David excited about putting the Kleenex out, yet Emily just goes on with her questions. This is just a short clip and her second part of the interview will air tomorrow. Things like this only happen to David, he is just the funniest person ever. Lots of laughs!

DA Weekly Buzz about David Archuleta!

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