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24 August 2009




Songs The last time I wrote, I was sharing the song “Apologize” with all of you and discussing how much I was looking forward to seeing David perform in Providence, RI on August 23. My how things can change in less than a week’s time! As many of you know by now, the last three shows of David’s tour with Demi Lovato have been cancelled and rescheduled for the end of October and early November. To say I am very disappointed would put it mildly. Unfortunately, I will not be able to go to the rescheduled show. So, I am out of luck seeing David perform again very soon. My only hope is to wait patiently for his next solo tour, which may be the end of this year.

As I thought about all this and how much I love to see David perform, the song “Touch My Hand” came to mind. It is such a perfect concert song. The way David comes out on the stage, full of energy and so happy to be performing for his audience. The way he reaches out to his fans, touching and shaking as many hands in the crowd as he can, connecting with them. It is really something very special and in my opinion, not many performers are able to make that emotional connection with their audience as easily as David Archuleta does.

I had the good fortune of being in the front row for David’s concert in Northampton, MA last March. At that show, he ‘touched’ my hand! Well, it was more like a gentle but very heart-felt squeeze and it was something I will never forget! 😉

I know it isn’t the same as being there, but until we can see and hear David again, I thought this song was appropriate. So for all of David’s fans, and especially those of us who had tickets for the shows that were so abruptly cancelled…

The Song of the Week is “Touch My Hand”!

“Touch My Hand” was written and produced by Wayne Wilkins, Steve Kipner and Steve McEwan for David’s self-titled debut album which was released in November 2008. The story goes that the songwriters were inspired by footage of David from his concerts during the American Idol Top 10 tour. At these shows, David would often reach his hand out to the fans who were close to the stage. The way he interacted with his fans during these moments left such an impression on the songwriters that the song “Touch My Hand” was born. It is an upbeat song about the way a connection is made between the singer and a fan in the audience. David Archuleta often opens his concert performances with this song to the delight of his fans, especially those up close enough to the stage to get a little handshake! 😉 In late spring 2009 the music video of “Touch My Hand” was released. Much of the video shows real concert footage during his solo tour in early spring. The video vividly captures David’s interaction with his fans. For your viewing pleasure…

“Touch My Hand,” AOL Live Music Sessions

First up, the AOL Sessions of November 5, 2008. This was the first time we fans saw David perform with his newly formed band. “Touch My Hand” was one of five songs they performed in anticipation of the debut album.

David’s music video of “Touch My Hand”

Next is the Official Music Video. Much of the footage is from the live performance at the House of Blues in Chicago during David’s solo tour in spring of this year.

Watch the Official Video of “Touch My Hand” on You Tube.

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  • kimbee | 1 | 24th August 2009 at 12:28 pm |

    I love that this song was written for David about his experience performing on tour. He didn’t know what to think about all the girls wanting to reach out and touch his hand when this adventure first started. He didn’t quite understand what all the fuss was about and why anyone would want his autograph or to touch his hand. Knowing how he felt then and seeing how he embraces the song and the audience now makes me appreciate his performance all the more. He genuinely appreciates us and our support and is willing to reach out and touch our hands. I just wonder if he knows how much he touches our hearts as well as our hands.

    BAF, I am sorry that your concert was canceled and that you will not be able to attend the rescheduled show. David’s concert dates here in Texas did not work for me this year so I understand a little of the disappointment you are feeling this week. I know the bummed feeling can last for days. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  • Judith (unregistered) | 24th August 2009 at 4:13 pm |

    Hello Katie and Minja. Ahhh Katie I know how much “Touch My Hand” means to you. Although I was never close enough to the stage to even have a chance for that kind of moment I was lucky enough to see him perform the song live twice. I have noticed how is performance has evolved and enjoy all the emotion he puts into the final notes of the song as he dramatically stretches his hand to the audience. The songwriters had a wonderful idea coming up with this song for David. Katie I enjoyed reading this blog very much! And you know I am so sorry about the canceled concert. Here’s to hopes of a solo Christmas performance.

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