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Type Bee: DA Honeybee Diet Plan

25 August 2009
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This little Honeybee has been ill. What does a sick Honeybee do — well, I’ve been buzz-y doodling, drawing pictures. This is DA Honeybee Diet Plan. Instead of the USDA food pyramid, we have a beehive with interlacing and complex hexagons. DA Diet DA Honeybees do not live by nectar and honey alone. No, we […]

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Type Bee

11 August 2009
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I am a Type Bee and here’s why. I was born with the initial B, I type a lot, I’m a laid-back Californian, and I’ve metamorphosed into a Honeybee. As you read my weekly column, you will most likely turn into a Honeybee as well, if you aren’t one already. Blogger or Buzzer Although I’m […]

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DA Weekly Buzz

9 August 2009
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  pikepss Weekly on David Archuleta WELCOME to the Weekly David Archuleta Buzz Wrap. He is my favorite subject and all-time consuming hobby or is it just my lifestyle now? A hundred and sixty eight (168) hours of Davidness, Random Events, Concerts, Reviews, News and Twitters to filter through, but I will try to recap […]

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Announcing DA Buzzing Honeybee Columns

4 August 2009
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This week and next DA Buzzing will begin to roll out five new weekly columns. We are excited about the new columnists and hope David Archuleta fans will enjoy reading them each week. All of the columnists will enjoy hearing from their readers, so please comment and send feedback, uh, buzz. DA Honeybees thrive on […]

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DA Buzzing makes David Archuleta a Tag Cloud

7 April 2009
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We Honeybees have been busy buzzing about David Archuleta. Today I thought I would show all of us what the buzz actually looks like. This is an informal representation of the words we have used on DA Buzzing to talk about David. I combed through many posts to find the words most often used, counted […]

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