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DA David Archuleta Song of the Week

25 October 2010
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Songs The other side of down is up, of course, and the Song of the Week points the way upward in a bouncy, happy style. With David Archuleta’s resonating voice and the upbeat rhythm, “The Other Side of Down” is a positive, yet powerful song. “The Other Side of Down”by David Archuleta Official CD Version […]

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Back to the Oscar Mayer Joy, but Not the Jingles – NYTimes.com

15 January 2010
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This Sunday during the Golden Globes awards ceremony, live on NBC 8:00 EST, look for the new Oscar Mayer TV commercials. Specifically, listen to the tune, which was composed by Joy Williams, a Nashville singer-songwriter. We fans of David know who Joy Williams is! With David Hodges and Steven McMorran, Joy co-wrote “Waiting for Yesterday” […]

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