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David Archuleta talks about May Day

1 May 2010
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Hey, maybe my May Day flowers aren’t completely off-topic! Today on his video blog, David Archuleta talks about May Day! Yay!! Go May! And go David. Thanks for the vblog. We are waiting patiently for your sophomore pop album. It’s so great that you have more time this time to work on the songs. Don’t […]

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David Archuleta says Voice is Back!

18 August 2009
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David is an amazing singer. For a week or more he has suffered with seasonal allergies. And yet…he has been singing so beautifully at each performance. I’m not sure how he does it. How is he able to transform himself from a sick person barely able to breathe into a dynamic performer whose pure vocals […]

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I have a David idea..

11 August 2009
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I was thinking that maybe those of us that twitter with David maybe we could ask him nicely to do a V-blog about the TCA’s and let us know how he feels about it. he hasn’t done one in a while. it will be nice to see him do one again. what do you guys […]

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