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20 September 2010



Songs David Archuleta has released a new single to radio. It’s called “Elevator” and was co-written by David with Shelly Peiken and David’s guitar­ist Mike Krompass. This week I’ve chosen another song from the hand of the very talented Mr. Krompass. Even though this song was not included on the standard album, David Archuleta, it was a huge favorite among fans during David’s 2009 concert tours.

“Zero Gravity”
by David Archuleta

“Zero Gravity”

If I’m ever suspended in an Elevator, I hope the experience is akin to Zero Gravity. I’ll be happy if both songs are piped in while I wait for my rescue.

“Zero Gravity” snapshot

  • Written by Shelly Peiken, David Archuleta, and Mike Krompass
  • First performed live by David Archuleta on 25 February 2009 at Virginia Beach (video below)
  • “Due to Popular Demand,” the song was released as a Fan Pack Bundle on i-Tunes in spring 2009

Judith, fan comment

from DA Buzzing.org comments section

Hi Katie! Zero Gravity needs to be played every Monday! You can’t help but feel his energy on this one. I absolutely love it and as your video clips show he really grew to enjoy it as much as the fans. I always have to jump when I hear it…bad knees and all! Excellent choice Katie to help get us though another work and school week!

Violet, fan comment

from Amazon.com
23 November 2009

David Archuleta and Mike Krompass wrote Zero Gravity for David’s first album but it was one of the later submissions and didn’t make it onto the album. Fans had heard the name of the song but not the song itself. And then on David’s Spring 2009 tour, at the first concert, David premiered this song and the audience went wild. Zero Gravity joined the set list for all of David’s 2009 pop tours including his OK tour opening for McFly. This is a song that is really super live and it gets everybody jumping. Very catchy song too!

deedee1whoa, fan comment

from Last.fm
March 2010

Great tune… Shame that it wasn’t released as a single. I believe that it could have been very successful! Oh well, at least the fans have it & can enjoy it! 😀

Read about “Zero Gravity” on Katie’s “Song of the Week” column, written on 14 September 2009. You’ll find a list of all of Katie’s SOW: Katie’s collection of Songs of the Week.

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