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25 October 2010



Songs The other side of down is up, of course, and the Song of the Week points the way upward in a bouncy, happy style. With David Archuleta’s resonating voice and the upbeat rhythm, “The Other Side of Down” is a positive, yet powerful song.

“The Other Side of Down”
by David Archuleta

Official CD Version
5 October 2010

Video source: kradisonlover
Length: 3:18 minutes

“TOSOD” snapshot

  • Written by David Archuleta, Joy Williams, Blair Daly, and Jeremy Bose in Nashville.
  • Released 5 October as the title track on David’s third studio album, The Other Side of Down
  • Inspired by the music of Alison Sudol, better known as A Fine Frenzy. David Archuleta got to meet Alison Sudol recently.
  • Used in Mom887’s video tribute to Chilean miners.
  • Read and print the “TOSOD” lyrics.
  • Buy “TOSOD” and all the other songs from David Archuleta’s Official Store.

Let’s never forget David’s debut album! Most of the songs from Katie’s collection of Songs of the Week are from David Archuleta.

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David Archuleta, the Voice

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